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Vasectomies have long been considered a simple, safe, surgical solution for male birth control, since the 1940s. Annually, more than half a million men in the United States opt to have this permanent sterilization procedure.

During the surgery, the male vas deferens—paired ducts that transport sperm from the epididymis surrounding both testicles to the ejaculatory ducts—are cut and sealed to prevent sperm from entering the urethra.

The no-scalpel vasectomy (or “keyhole” vasectomy) is the most commonly performed type of minimally-invasive vasectomy. This technique replaces the conventional scalpel incision with a puncture in the scrotum using a sharp instrument called a hemostat. This method is less invasive and traumatic, requires no post-surgical sutures or stitches, and results in decreased pain, reduced risk of infection, faster healing, and fewer complications.

Dr. Laub performs no-scalpel vasectomy in his office on an outpatient basis, using a local anesthetic called Xylocaine (similar to Novocaine at the dentist’s). The procedure takes as little as 15 to 20 minutes.

After a no-scalpel vasectomy, sperm are still produced, but cannot exit the body through the penis; they eventually break down and become reabsorbed in the body. Vasectomies do not change the hormonal function of the testes, so potency and sex drive remain unaffected.

To discuss the benefits and risks of no-scalpel vasectomy, contact Dr. Laub for an appointment.

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